Management of EU Structural Funds application projects

Planning and implementation of logistic projects

Management service
The service includes taking over the managerial responsibility in the company instead of the Board/general manager within agreed volume
and time frame.

Turn around management
Development and realization of action plan (within agreed time frame and conditions) based on goals set by the owners/management.

Implementation of various status analyses
Possible to analyse the economic situation of the companies
(incl. different risks, solvency, general economic situation etc.)

Development and implementation of common functional (operational)
models for corporations/groups

Creation and establishment of internal rules, mainly focusing on
efficiency, for the corporation or the companies with similar

Development and implementation of action plan for concrete company
Development and implementation of various essential systems (incl.
salary and motivation systems; regulation of management and
financial planning information; creation of profit units and
implementation of cost management system etc.)
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